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Last Minute Paleo Dinner: Fish & Vegetables

This is rather unsexy dinner. But you know what? You don't have to leave the house to make it, and you don't have to have prepped anything in advance. Nothing. And it only takes 20 minutes! It doesn't ask for... Continue Reading →

Every single day matters.

Every single day matters. - Bob Harper I saw this quote on Instagram a while ago, and it keeps coming back to me. The quote is from a fitness trainer, so ostensibly it's about not missing workouts and sticking to... Continue Reading →

Veggie Soups

Know what I'm obsessed with right now? Veggie soups. Not like, soup with a bunch of veggies cut up in it. Like ONE veggie, with flavorings, in broth, with a bit of coconut milk, all blended up. That shit is... Continue Reading →

Game Of Thrones (Song of Ice and Fire, Book #1)

I am one of the few people who does not watch Game of Thrones. I started watching it, but couldn't handle when an angry large man chopped off his horses head. This was much more visceral than the horse scene... Continue Reading →

Last Minute Paleo Dinner: Crispy Chicken Thighs

I used to be all in on weekly paleo meal prep. I would spend about 3+ hours every weekend cooking up all our food for the week. During the week, it was awesome; I barely had to cook anything, just... Continue Reading →

Less really is more

People think of me as a busy person. I hear it all the time. I recently started planning social events for my gym, and when the owner announced it, he cited how busy I am already. I used to call... Continue Reading →

A Reading Challenge

I started reading early when my sister wanted to play school. As the one of us with any real-world school experience, she was the teacher. I don't remember much of the actual workings of this - so no adorable Baby... Continue Reading →

Thwap, Thwap, Thwap.

That is the sound of success. Success, preparedness, and tasty pickles. I dabble in home canning. I would secretly (not so secretly) love to grow, put up, and eat my own produce all year long. This would not be an... Continue Reading →


Ok, this recipe is super duper easy. Especially if you make someone else work the grill. Fajitas Ingredients Fajita 1 lb flank steak 1 tsp cumin 1 tsp garlic (I like garlic granules) 1 tsp chili powder 1 Tbsp coconut... Continue Reading →

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