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Thwap, Thwap, Thwap.

That is the sound of success. Success, preparedness, and tasty pickles. I dabble in home canning. I would secretly (not so secretly) love to grow, put up, and eat my own produce all year long. This would not be an... Continue Reading →


I was really, really hoping we'd be done with summer when I went to the state fair for the first time in my life in a jacket. But noooo. I do like fresh summer veggies and grilling, but...alas. Maybe I'd... Continue Reading →

Marinated Carrots

I'm obsessed with these carrots. I'm eating them with everything. And I do mean, everything; brats, burgers, Merguez Meatballs, BBQ pork...everything. Marinated Carrots are a Spanish tapa - so it's a little weird to eat a heaping helping of them... Continue Reading →

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