I literally planned the timing of my Whole30 around the Minnesota State Fair. The Fair comes second only to Christmas, in my book – and it’s a very, very close second. The Fair is one of the biggest in the country, and the most attended; only Texas has more attendance, and theirs is twice as long. The biggest draw is probably the weird/delicious/naughty food. I am ONLY allowed to have mini donuts at the fair, for example. Fair food only happens at the fair, even if you can find it elsewhere. This means NO frozen Sweet Martha’s cookies. While you can probably stop yourself from eating a bucket of cookies, it’s a lot harder when they’re just sitting on a cooling rack. See? It’s not like I’m eating a BUCKET or anything…

Since I’ve gotten in the habit of taking pictures of everything I eat, even though I don’t send them to my coach anymore, I took pictures of all the tasty glory. I stuck to mostly tried and true favorites, and actually didn’t go as nuts as I thought I would. We didn’t stay long because my smashed up toe was hurting like a bitch.

Mini donuts – they are just perfect. Not cake donuts, but just cakey enough for me to accept their risen identity. These are Tiny Tim’s – there is also a camp for Tom Thumb. I don’t discriminate here.

mini donuts

Pronto Pup – I kinda wanted a Corn Dog instead, but it was 8am and we needed breakfast. Pronto Pups are dipped in pancake batter as opposed to cornmeal, so a more practical choice for the hour.

pronto pup

Roasted Corn – I actually had some corn on the cob the night before at Bil’s parents’, so this was slightly anticlimactic. After seeing me bring my own food and be super careful for so long, they were pretty astonished to see me put away 3 ears. Ahh well.

roasted corn

A break from food to actually see stuff; this is crop art! You know how you can submit vegetables and jams and pigs and stuff to be judged in the state fair for a blue ribbon? Well, we also have categories for stuff like crop art. Basically, people make mosaics out of seeds. For a while 15% of them were all QR codes (glad that’s done). This one might be my favorite of all time.

crop art

We (my BFF Melissa and I) always check out the Creative Activities building, since I’m a knitter and she’s a seamstress, and when we are old we are both planning on taking up needlepoint. This is also where the jams, pickles, and baked goods are. Anyway, we saw these amazing knitted pieces; a viking helmet/hat plus beardski, and a fancy period hairstyle hat! Do I maybe want to design a whole line of outrageous, elaborate hats? MAYBE.

elaborate knit viking…hat+
knit hat+

Melissa said Andrew Zimmern (local food celebrity and boss of my friend Molly) apparently said this was amazing. I mean, it was a meatball hoagie on a hot dog bun, and I made sure to eat the top of it to get all the cheese. It was good…but not mind blowing.


There are lot sof opportunities to spend money at the fair. This looks kind of great though; a Minne Skirt made out of essentially a down jacket. Whaaaaat? Think how cute for like, ice skating, etc with leggings and leg warmers. Love!

Minne skirt

Every year, a new Princess Kay of the Milky Way is crowned at the fair, and she is the dairy ambassador for the state for the year. She and the other finalists get their heads sculpted out of butter at the fair in a giant refrigerated case in the dairy building. The princesses get to keep their butter busts. A lot of them use them as center pieces at their wedding…some serve corn on the cob, and guests just roll the corn right on their buttery heads. Yum.

butter bust

Malts from the dairy building are amazing. Omg.

dairy building malt

Totally. Worth. It.