When you find something so perfect, that meets every one of your desires, I ask you: would you mess with it?

No, no you would not. This ice cream is – dare I say – perfect. It is creamy. It is sweet. It is…beyond.


Get the original recipe over at Health Bent. They have a beautiful site, and I wish they posted more! But who am I to throw stones, eh? They also have a book, Primal Cravings, that I got and have yet to really dig into (since it’s been an epic grillfest this summer).

My favorite version so far is as follows. Why is everything with nutbutter, banana, and chocolate called monkey something? I doubt cocoa is good for monkeys…or even accessible to them…

Easiest Ice Cream – Monkey Business



  1. After you’ve blended up the bananas, add in the cocoa powder and almond butter. Then keep on with their directions, adding in the coconut milk, etc.

I’ve tried another version of adding pureed strawberries, but it was ice crystalier. I need to tinker more to see if I can offset the water content of the strawberries with more banana. They have a few other variations on their site, like this yummy looking Piña Colada. Why are you still reading this?! Go buy some old bananas and make some ice cream!