Breakfast: two scrambled eggs, bacon, and kale (cooked in bacon fat, natch)
Lunch: lettuce, turkey slices, tomatoes, mashed up avocado, and a little homemade mayo. Tasty, but I’m starting to thing the best thing about bread is how great of a handle it is. Very tricky.


I also could not resist a little dark chocolate after lunch. Also, I did eat half a strawberry at a cheese sample thing at the grocery store. I DID NOT eat the cheese.

My go-to boring but delicious snack, apple with 2T almond butter. This happens to be a Honeycrisp apple, and despite having grown in Washington, it was pretty good.

Last but not least, stuffed pepper. This is a recipe from a book, but next time I think I’ll make a drier version of my pasta sauce and use the pepper as a vehicle (instead of pasta).